Draw awesome bulk twitch emotes or sub badges for you

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First of all, kindly contact me first before you put your order

I need to make sure that I'm in my best condition to work on your project, and we can discuss more clearly about it

When we discuss custom offer, the currency is in USD

It will be great if you list your project in numbers to avoid miscommunication, for example:

  1. My self portrait with both hands up and HYPE text at the bottom
  2. My Doberman sipping tea
  3. etc

My delivery time looks long because I prepare some spare time if you or me are facing unexpected difficulties (sickness, computer problem, etc). But if there are no obstacle, I'll deliver way faster.

On Saturday and Sunday, I only work a half day because I'm having family time :)

>> 1 emote only contain 1 character and up to waist shot

>> 2 characters in one emote, and full body drawing will have extra cost

In addition to these, you will also receive:

✔ A professional service from a digital artist with over 9 years experience

✔ An after service if there are mistake in my part even though you have completed the order

✔ High Quality customer services and friendly communications at all times

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