Secure and fix hacked wordpress professionally | ROCK SOLID Security Measures

NOTE: The package to ✅ Fix Hacked Wordpress is the "Premium package". (Fix "lowerbeforwarden" hack, Fix "redirect" hack, Fix "0 day" hack) 

Today, wordpress sites are the PRIME target of Hackers. 1000s of Hacker Bots try to break into 1000s of WP sites everyday.

Your WP sites might be hit by these Bots right now without you knowing anything about it. It only takes 1 successful break to destroy all your hard work.

Over last 13+ years, I've secured 1000s of WP Sites.

Basic Package (Security Only)

  • ROCK SOLID Security Measures 
  • Firewall Protection (virtual + htaccess firewall)
  • Anti-Malware Protection
  • Anti-Hacker Protection
  • SPAM Protection
  • Protection against Brute Force Attacks
  • Secure default Admin Login URL (secret login)
  • Secure your Login System (email notification)
  • Secure File System
  • Secure Database
  • 5G Firewall Protection
  • My CUSTOM .htaccess Rules
  • much more

Standard Package (Scan for Security holes & Secure)

  • Deep scan entire site (WP, Theme, Plugins) for security issues & Fix
  • Implement Security (As above)

Premium Package (Wordpress Malware Removal)

  • Deep Scan & Clean Malware
  • Manual checkup of key files
  • Refresh wordpress Core library files
  • Implement Security (As above)


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