Modern Affiliate Marketing : Advertise your products and services on your affiliates websites

A formidable web-marketing technique to improve your sales performance

By spreading your offers on affiliate sites, you turn your partners into real salesmen who will try to attract and convince potential customers of the value of your products so that the customer will buy your products. The affiliate is motivated by the commission he will receive.

On your side, you significantly increase your turnover with the slightest effort.

Ask others to promote your products and focus on your core business. In return, simply pay a commission to your affiliates, the modern-day sales people.

By carefully choosing who promotes your offer, you keep control over your image.

No investment costs
Affiliation does not require any investment costs. It is a solution that allows a rapid growth of your sales.

Boost your sales with affiliate marketing!

Your website becomes profitable thanks to a coherent offer. Your website promotes the products and/or services of another (non-competing) company and you pocket interesting commissions (5% to 25% on average) that vary depending on the partners you choose. Commissions can reach 100% sometimes!

Data is at the heart of all our decisions
We continuously analyze the performance and results of affiliate campaigns using our dedicated analytics tools to improve strategies and gain more and more value.

Choosing the right product
We select the most relevant affiliate offers with your site according to its traffic to maximize the consultations.

Whether it is physical, digital or service products, our promotional strategies are carefully studied to optimize the profitability of both parties involved.

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