MerchIntel 2021 Review : for Merch By Amazon

MerchIntel is a market research tool from Merch by Amazon with a data source of more than 6 million continuously updated designs. 

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Launched in January 2020 with the design and technology love of Merch's experienced gamers, MerchIntel is expected to help users, from amateurs to professionals, achieve their business goals. Wondering why your designs get so much praise from friends but still can't be sold?

Why are you launching a Christmas-themed T-shirt at the right time but sales still don't grow? Your personal tastes and style will probably create a good design that will be of interest to many customers. However, how much is "a lot" here? Is it enough to make your design fashionable? 

Stop guessing and let MerchIntel give you the right answer. Figures such as trend, best seller range, price... will be continuously updated over time and will be a solid base for designers to unleash creativity based on the general buying trend of customers. Any problems that are plaguing, will be clarified on the figures provided by MerchIntel.

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