How to Advertise Instagram in 2021 - The Beginner's Guide For Success 2021

Instagram now has more than 1 billion active users per month with 500 million logging on every day.
That's a huge audience and it's growing very, very fast.
Did you know that for 3 years now, advertisers have been able to advertise on Instagram?

You may not have noticed it yet.

It's normal, there aren't many advertisers on the platform yet. The competition is only increasing now in 2020.
I think you know as well as I do that Instagram is a network apart because of the quality of the content that is published.
And in terms of content, you have a lot of choices, you can publish : Photos| Videos | Stories | Carousels (several photos in one post).
As long as you have a correct smartphone that allows you to take good quality pictures, you can go!
The only problem is that you can't insert any links in your posts, which is a pity if you want to redirect part of your audience to your website.
Instagram advertising offers you all these creative possibilities except that you can also insert any landing page to your sponsored content.

Why advertise Instagram?

I always talk about Facebook advertising, why should you also spend your money on Instagram advertising?

There are several reasons ...

The first reason you should be interested in Instagram is the audience.
The audience is very young on this network.
According to Omnicore, 59% of Instagram users are between 18 and 29 years old. And 33% of Instagram users are between 30 and 49 years old.
And that's not all.
A study conducted by Instagram even states that 60% of Instagram users acknowledge having discovered a product or service through Instagram.
Instagram is no longer just populated by celebrities and people like you and me.
There are now more than 15 million companies using a Business profile in Instagram.
Of these 15 million businesses, 1 million use Instagram to advertise, whereas in March 2016 only 200,000 businesses used Instagram advertising (PS: 1 million is not much compared to the 5+ million advertisers on Facebook).
We, the marketers, know that Instagram is a golden opportunity to promote our products or services.
In fact, 120 million Instagrammers have visited a website, called, sent an email or DM (instant message in Instagram) after seeing an Instagram ad.

That's the advantage with Instagram.

Commitment is very high (users interact much more on Instagram than on other platforms). In addition, it is more difficult to leave the platform since you cannot place any links in your publications (only hashtag text).
So if people interact a lot with "normal" publications, it is obvious that they will respond positively to immersive ads like the ones I will teach you how to create.
In my opinion, the advantage of Instagram over Facebook is that it is a platform with much less distractions.

Just take a look at my Facebook News Feed, there are far too many distractions ...
As a result, you are more likely to attract users' attention to Instagram according to my logic.
As Instagram belongs to Facebook, you have the same possibilities to advertise :
Like on Facebook, anyone can advertise Instagram (from $5 per day).
You have access to the same targeting options as in Facebook!
You can interact with users in your own ads.
Last but not least, Instagram ads look like normal publications ...
Of course, you can also create ads on Instagram using the Ad Manager.

Advertising formats on Instagram

Before I show you how to create an ad in Instagram, I first need to show you the different types of ads and formats you can access with Instagram.
Advertisements on Instagram can be made in News Feed as well as in Stories.
At the moment they only appear on the mobile and not yet on the computer.

Ads in News Feed

If you choose the Instagram News Feed, you have access to these formats.

The single image

This is the classic format.
You can use a landscape format but as you can see this format doesn't take up much space in the news feed.
How to Advertise Instagram in 2021

If you use the landscape format, Facebook recommends the following dimensions as for Facebook advertising: 1200x628px.
Personally, I prefer the square format, which takes up much more space and allows you to have the full attention of a user, as Melyssa Griffin, an American blogger, does.

For this format, Facebook recommends 1080x1080px images.
Facebook also allows you to use a vertical format that takes up even more space. I haven't seen one yet so here is an example from Facebook Business Help.
The video
For video, it is the same thing, you can use a square format as well as a landscape format, knowing that the square format takes up more space.
You can upload videos of maximum 60 seconds but this seems to me sufficient to communicate your message.
Keep in mind that your video must be understandable without sound and capture the user's attention from the very first seconds.
That's what I've always been advised to do!

The carousel

I love the carousel format.
  • A carousel is an ad that contains 2 or more images/videos.
  • It allows you to be creative and for example :
  • Expose several features or benefits of the same product.
  • Show several products (ideal for e-commerce sites).
  • Create an experience.

The Slideshow

The slideshow format is a video consisting of several images (min. 3 and max. 10) that runs in a loop.
It looks a lot like the carousel format except that it is a video made from images you choose.
To create a slideshow, it's very simple.
You upload several images and Facebook takes care of the rest.

Ads in Stories

The Stories on Instagram have been around for over a year now and are a huge success, with over 300 million users today.
A few months later, Instagram launched advertisements in the Stories for advertisers.
These ads appear between your friends' Stories as you scroll through them.
So if you start looking at several Stories in a row, you may see an ad that fits between them. A bit like on TV or between 2 YouTube videos.
For the moment, you have access to 2 formats.

The single image

I haven't seen any yet so I'll take an example from Facebook.
It is a simple image that is displayed for a few seconds.
To get to the destination page that contains the offer, you must slide your finger up.

The video

Video Stories are for me the most effective.
You can really capture a person's attention since you have their entire smartphone screen just for you.
The idea is to capture the attention in the first 3 seconds by identifying a problem and quickly exposing your solution, i.e. your offer.
To finish (and as with every ad), make a call to action.


Congratulations, you've reached the end of this click-by-click mini-tutorial.
Instagram is a different platform than Facebook and therefore the best practices change a bit.
For example, on Instagram, your creative (image or video) is very important. It is crucial that it fits well into the platform.

To do this, use bright colors. Publish very high quality photos. Stimulate emotions with your photos and avoid bland or boring photos.

As in Facebook, focus on the benefits of your offer. On the other hand, try to be a little more concise than in Facebook. Avoid repetition.

On Instagram, it goes fast and maybe it's better to write shorter descriptions (also avoid hashtags in your ads).

Don't forget your landing page. It must be responsive and load quickly on mobile. If it doesn't, don't advertise Instagram until you have fixed the problem.

Finally, always think about testing! Test multiple ads in your Ad Set (at least 4) and multiple audiences. You can never know in advance what works or doesn't work.

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