GrowSurf: easily create a referral program for your business

A simple tool to create your referral program in a few moments and get your business off the ground!

When launching a service or product, the goal of any business is to get registrants in order to have future customers. Many companies use referral for this purpose. The idea is to give a small bonus to a prospect / customer, if he shares your link to his relatives. For example "receive 30 euros for each person who registers with your link". If you are looking for a tool to launch a referral campaign, check out GrowSurf.

Loyalize your customers with a referral program

Voted Product Hunt's Product of the Day in early January, GrowSurf allows with only two lines of code to integrate a referral program. The design of your campaign can be fully customized to match your company's image.

With the form proposed by GrowSurf, "give your customers the choice to join your referral program" . Finally, if your product or service is not yet launched, use the GrowSurf form as a tool to generate leads.

With GrowSurf, you can offer a single reward, a double reward, a reward when particular goals have been achieved or reward the best referrals. You easily get statistical tracking of your campaigns with the provision of key indicators such as conversion rate or the number of times the link has been shared on social networks.

GrowSurf can be tested for 14 days for free. Then, according to your needs, 3 subscriptions (monthly or yearly) are proposed. Startup at $49/month allows you to have 5,000 participants and to launch two campaigns.

The Business offer billed at $99/month allows you to get 20,000 participants and create 5 campaigns. Finally, Elite, at $249/month allows you to get 75,000 participants and launch 20 campaigns.

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