Drive 25 days google organic search traffic using keywords

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Do You Want To Get visits ? This gig is great helper and Big plus for your website's SEO !!! if yes, order google keyword traffic now.

All we need is a website url and (optional) 5 keywords related to website.(no need access).
and it starts within 24-48 hours (might be within 2-3 days if ordered extra add on or higher package) after ordering you will get notify about start. 1-2 days differences will be added.

First we do work on keywords and with data base of (trends and queries) and You will get 150+ visitors per day, 25 days google keyword traffic.
Accept any websites or blogs, links.(except youtube, adult, and fiverr links). Traffic from USA, UK and Europe countries mix. You might receive sales/opt-ins but they cannot be guaranteed, understand this before purchasing.
In fact seo trаffic will be positive SERP. The stats can be seen on G.Analytics. You will be happy with this paid traffiс gig! Order this best different gig from others only on fiverr.

If you a question > contact, message me.
I appreciate your interest.
Real SEO & Internet Marketing Specialist, A.Pavlov


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