Amazon product research for fba private labelling | Product Launch Guide


My name is Chris and I´ve been selling on Amazon for about 4 years now.
Since 2016 I have successfully sourced and launched plenty of products.
As I think that a proper Product Research is essential to be successful on Amazon, I have focused on learning and improving the most efficient methods to find winning products.
My Researches are all based on numbers & statistics!

Enough talking, let´s get started!

So what exactly do i offer?
  • Products with high demand and low competition according to your budget and preferences
  • PDF files with about 14 pages to give you a perfect overview of your product
  • Excel sheets with sales and revenues of your competition
  • Explanation on how i perform my research and analysis
  • In depth keyword research
  • Data & Competitor analysis
  • Differentiation/customization ideas
  • Perfect keyword to launch your product & calculated giveaways to rank
  • Verified Supplier research 
  • Products that can be used for Dropshipping
  • Support until you are satisfied!

  • Product Launch Guide - How to rank Products on AMZ in 2020
  • Supplier Contact Template & Resources

For a Amazon Product Research with your own criteria, please contact me before ordering.

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