Written interview and marketing for childrens book author

Radio show co-hosts Lori Anne Rising and Uncle Mark Olmstead are each international award-winning authors. We know what it's like to work for YEARS to make your vision come to life, then struggle to connect with your audience. 

"Rise 'n Shine! Not Just for Mornings Anymore." is a family-friendly radio show that airs on Voice America - Variety, an online radio platform that attracts approximately 5 million listeners each month to their 240+ shows, including ours. We air live each week on Tuesdays. Each show is syndicated to more than 8 other podcasting platforms, remain available indefinitely, & are promoted to 20+ social media channels. 

Things to know:

  • Timing of the gig is really up to you and how quickly you return the questions. We put 10 days to give YOU time to respond as well as us time to work.
  • The timing of the on-air mention (a gig extra) depends on when you place your order. We only air on Tuesdays, and some shows are pre-recorded.We'll work it in as soon we can. 
  • A review/critique (a gig extra) will be a separate blog post from your interview. It is an honest review/critique. See FAQs below.


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