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About This Gig

Are you looking for a well-spoken, fluent content writer that can conduct in-depth research and thorough competitor analysis to come up with unique content?

Many writers know why content needs to be original for SEO purposes but not many know how to do this.

Enter me.

I am a native English speaker having lived in the UK my entire life and I have been writing content for online businesses for over 2 years.

Having worked with several digital marketing businesses, I understand how to optimise website content for search engines.

My work ensures that I:

  • Research topic in detail before writing;
  • Undertake competitor analysis
  • Implement relevant title, H1, H2, H3 tags etc;
  • Use internal and external links for content authority;
  • Create relevant and optimised meta descriptions for webpages and posts.

I am proficient with WordPress, cloud-based applications such as Google Docs and Microsoft Office packages, working remotely and uploading the content directly to websites or sharing the appropriate file. I also use tools such as Grammarly to ensure accuracy and plagiarism checkers to ensure my work is unique.

Order my services now. Feel free to contact me for any other queries.

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