transform your Instagram page into an attractive page themed instagram puzzle posts grid and story

I'm Tachi & I will help transform your Instagram page into an 
eye-catching and attractive page for your business with our custom-made designs!

Our Available Package are:

Basic Package

Consist of 3 Grids of beautiful puzzle posts 

Standard Package

Consist of 9 Grids of beautiful puzzle posts
(this is a month of Instagram content for you!)

Premium Package

Consist of 15 Grids of beautiful puzzle posts 
(On the package it says the max amount of post (10) but no worries! you'll get 15!)

We also have extras, Story and Highlight icons designs!
(post more attractive stories to boost even higher engagement on your Instagram account!)

We'll Provide you with
  1. High Quality Design (JPEG and PNG files 1080 x 1080 Pixels with High Resolution)
  2. Fast Respond time on revisions
  3. A Preview of our work in progress (so you won't have to worry about anything!)
   4. Informative and professional (All of your grids are going to be filled with info about your         

Kindly Provide me with your content plan and data (Images, Logo, Color Palette) 

We are looking forward to work with you! 


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