stunning instagram puzzle feed template draw attention to your Instagram account


About This Gig

Want to draw attention to your Instagram account? 

Level up by creating a stunning feed that your audience will surely enjoy scrolling onto your entire content. 
As we all know Instagram is the visual way to represent your business, brand, or products. So better grab that great first impression to your target market using beautifully crafted posts.

- Stunning and attractive images for your feed
- Cohesive design for your brand
- High-quality photos with 1080 x 1080 pixels each tile
- Custom elements 

- Provide images for the project (I can also provide and suggest images related to your theme/brand)
- Your desired theme, colors, or style. (example: colorful, minimalist, formal, elegant, etc.)
- Provide your website link or brand board 
- Provide more details as possible

Message me for inquiries before taking your order.
Let's talk about your style! I want to make sure we are on the same page before working on it. 

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