Social media influencer and model Shoutouts and Promotion - promote your instagram, brand, business

About This Gig

Hey there! I'm Tatsiana Paulava also known as Tanya Paul and I'm a social media influencer and model with more than 380.000 audience.
I have worked with many different brands which you can find on my IG profile. 
And I would love to team up with you. Choose in what way you'd like to collaborate with me. 
What to expect from my side:
1. I will promote your instagram, brand, business (stories/post, both);
2. You can send me items you'd like to promote ( please note i am actually located in Europe, if you're shipping from extra EU countries parcel value should be under 40 dollars or custom fees will be applied) and I'm gonna share them in my stories and I'm gonna create a permanent post tagging you. 
3. Swipe up link will be included in the story.
If you have any questions or other requirements feel free to reach out to me.
Looking forward to working with you.


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