Paint your warhammer 40k, aos, tabletop minis

About This Gig

Hi weary traveller!

I am an commission painter who will help you get your miniatures or other projects ready for whatever battle they face.  I fully understand that not everyone has the time to paint all their models but I am here to help in any way I can. I have many years of experience painting miniatures for table top games and I mainly focus on Games Workshop games but I would be willing to paint any miniatures you need.

My prices are per mini and for you to send them to me fully assembled with return shipping.  No job is too small and I can do one mini all the way up to a full army, however depending on time this can take me a while due to home life.  I will confirm time frames etc during the initial conversations. I will purchase minis and assemble them for you at an additional cost, this can be discussed on request and I will make no profit on the purchase.  For full disclosure I will be using Element Games to purchase the minis from if they're available.

Shipping will be charged depending on the destination and size of the finished project, please ask for costs.


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