Original, engaging creative slogans or taglines - Taglines are definitive of a brand that freedom

About This Gig

Taglines are definitive of a brand, but also not specific enough to put brands in a box. A great tagline gives your brand freedom and I will provide your brand that freedom. 

I will provide you with a original, creative and engaging tagline based on the "Why" of your brand. All information that belongs to your brand or story is good information. The deeper and more layers your story has, the better your tagline will be.

Every brand has a tagline that describes the "why" of your brand. For example:

  • Nike: Just do it
  • Apple: Think different

I can also provide your brand campaign with a slogan. If you already have a working brand with a selling product and want to launch a new campaign, be it advertising or a new product, I can provide you with a slogan. For example:

  • Nike: Be True
  • IKEA: The wonderful everyday

Slogans have a shorter life span and change with every new campaign.

Get the best tagline and slogan for your brand and I will see you soon!

-- All taglines and slogans are completely created by myself. My creativity and extensive vocabulary provide me with the skillset to create the best taglines and slogans you can find.  --


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