Monetize your travel blog with Ezoic | 1st month advertising on the blog

Monetize your travel blog with Ezoic | 1st month advertising on the blog

If you want to monetize your travel blog, you should know that there are several ways to do so. One of these ways is to go through an advertising agency to display advertising on your blog. There are several advertising agencies: Adsense is surely the most known but the earnings are generally low, you may also have heard about Monumetric, Ezoic or Mediavine.

It is Ezoic that I tested and which I will talk about in this article.

What is Ezoic?

Ezoic is an advertising network, i.e. it is a platform that allows you to display ads from different advertisers on your site, offers settings to optimize advertising revenues, a performance tracking table, etc. In short, according to a certain number of criteria (and notably the number of pages (with ads) viewed), monetizing your blog with an ad network like Ezoic allows you to earn money by displaying ads on your site.

The advantage of Ezoic is that you can register with about 10,000 sessions per month, while Mediavine for example requires at least 25,000 sessions. Another advantage is that Ezoic does not seem to care about the origin of the audience, whereas Mediavine requires a large majority of views from North America and possibly Europe as the case may be.

What are the criteria to be able to monetize one's blog with Ezoic?

In order to be able to advertise on your blog with Ezoic, you have to meet some criteria.

The main criterion is to have about 10,000 sessions over a 30-day period. In reality, 10,000 page views are often enough (as was the case for this blog) and it is not uncommon for blogs to be accepted with fewer page views than the official minimum requirement.

It is also necessary to have a site with original and high quality content (a blog will usually do the trick).

How to register to Ezoic ?

To register to the Ezoic program, you must first fill out a form in order to submit your site and wait for its validation.

It will then be necessary to give access to the Google Analytics account linked to the blog in question.

Then you will receive an email from your account manager in order to set a date for an explanatory call.

Following this call, you will need to request an AdExchange approval and then link your AdSense account if you have one (I didn't).

You will then have to manage the integration of Ezoic on your blog (there are several methods: change the name of the servers, use Cloudflare or a plugin, I chose the plugin) then your account manager will be able to place the ad slots on your blog and make the necessary settings (frequencies etc.). You will then be able to change these settings yourself or ask your account manager to do it for you.

How much money can I earn with Ezoic?

This will depend on several things: the number of page views, the number of ads you display per page, where your readers come from (although this seems to carry less weight than on a platform like Mediavine, for example), etc.

Earnings are calculated with what is called EPMV, i.e. revenue / 1000 visitors.

My experience with Ezoic | Case study

First month of monetization of the blog with Ezoic

As I haven't had much time to devote to this blog lately, I haven't published any new article since the beginning of the Ezoic adventure, and I didn't take care of the ad settings (done automatically by my account manager).

How much money have I earned?

I know that this is what interests you the most so I'll get straight to the point!

The ad started to be broadcast on the blog on February 10, 2020. EMPV and earnings varied and increased from week to week, until the Coronavirus hit our blog and the entire tourism ecosystem (and the economy in general) hard. As our blog traffic was mainly based on our articles about Italy, the moment the situation in that country really became critical the number of page views per day started to decline quite sharply, the same goes for the EPMV. From what I could observe, this is the case for a large part of the travel blogs and with all the travel agencies (in particular Mediavine), the RPM/EPMV having started to seriously beaten the wing from everywhere .

These are the data that I thought it would be interesting to share. Don't hesitate to write me if you want more information.
Week 1 :
EPMV between $3.76 and $9.35
Income: $9.11
Visitors : 1387
Readers' origin: 51% USA, 12% France, 7% UK
Week 2 :
EPMV between $7.18 and $9.30
Income: $13.98
Visitors : 1553
Readers' origin: 52% USA, 11% France, 8% Canada
Week 3 :
EPMV between $7.53 and $9.86
Income: $11.95
Visitors : 1362
Readers' origin: 55% USA, 12% Canada, 10% France
Week 4 :
EPMV between $5.07 and $8.90
Income: $9.21
Visitors : 1265
Readers origin: 45% USA, 20% Canada, 10% France
Total over 4 weeks (28 days)
Average MVLE: $7.62
Revenues: $44.14
Visitors: 5794
Origin of readers: 51% USA, 11% Canada, 11% France

Were there any negative consequences?

Before putting advertising on the blog, I had some fears. Notably that of scaring away readers (which could translate into an explosion of bounce rate and/or time spent on pages) or slowing down my site (which could translate into fewer page views or a drop in organic traffic since Google is supposed to favor fast pages).

I personally didn't notice a slowdown of the site, which was already slow at the base and badly scored on speedtest sites (oops).

As you can see, I don't see any noticeable trend and I blame the drop in organic traffic more on the Coronavirus (people don't look for so much travel info other than related to the epidemic or clearly not for my destinations) and on seasonality.

Adjustments of the advertising on the blog

I didn't touch at all the settings of the blog ad (which were made by my account manager), because I wanted to see what it would look like as it was. The settings are in "balance" mode, which is roughly between a monetization with revenue as a priority, and a monetization with user experience as a priority.

Ezoic uses a technology that automatically places ads based on the visitor's profile, so I don't know exactly what so-and-so sees when they visit my blog. Looking by myself, I still noticed some placements that were not necessarily very pleasant visually, sometimes an excessive repetition of ads, especially on cell phones, and some content that didn't always match (well ok, not at all!) with mine. However, I didn't get any negative feedback from my readers or my relatives, and considering the statistics shared above, I deduce that the experience is not traumatizing either - the Internet users being assailed non-stop by the ads, I think that a certain tolerance is developed... But if it's not your opinion, it's important for me to know it, so tell me!

When I'll have more time to devote to it, I think however that there are several avenues to explore in order to maximize revenues while offering a more pleasant user experience: maybe limit or even totally suppress advertising on pages that generate affiliate revenues, review the number of ads per page, their location (especially the sidebar!) and the themes/advertisers to ban.

Review of my first month at Ezoic

I'm a little frustrated with the drop in page views and PMVR at the end of the first month, because I was confident that the PMVR would go up and stabilize around $8 or $9. Based on information I've had from other bloggers, you can expect a PMVR between $10 and $20 for accounts that are doing well, and the PMVR is supposed to increase after the first month. So I'll keep my fingers crossed that when the environment is more favourable, the DMPE will increase satisfactorily.

But I can't say I'm disappointed either, I think a $7 EPMV is already pretty good, especially compared to what I've heard from Google Adsense. On the other hand, if you compare it to Mediavine, for an audience of at least 60% of which is located in North America, you can expect a double EMPV compared to mine. But I don't have enough page views to try the Mediavine adventure so for the moment I'm staying with Ezoic and I can't wait to see what it's going to look like in the coming months!

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