Khana - Multi Resturant Food Ordering, Restaurant Management With Saas

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Khana is a multi-restaurant food ordering and restaurant membership system with sass. It provides an awesome admin dashboard, restaurant management system, delivery system, with a user location basis.

Khana includes high-end features like Lazy Loading, Progressive Image Loading, Social Login, Onesignal Integration, Content Placeholder Loading, Advance Settings Management, Coupon System.


Seller / Owner

  •   real-time order notification
  •   live orders
  •   coupon
  •   subscription plan
  •   shop closing time opening time
  •   city-based shop
  •   city-based rider
  •   google map
  •   table booking
  •   seller badge
  •   earning reports
  •   order reports
  •   payout history
  •   media management 
  •   pickup order
  •   home delivery order
  •   customer location
  •   review and ratings
  •   email verification
  •   payout history with report
  • seller registration page
  • Rider

    • real-time order notification
    • live orders with bell notification
    • rider online/offline status
    • Commission based order delivery
    • order history
    • earning report
    • payout history with report
    • pickup or delivery live map with rider location like Uber eats
    • Rider registration page
    • email verification 


    •    Live rider activity with google map
    •    Restaurant review and rettings per order
    •    Social login
    •    Customer can select delivery location from the map
    •    Delivery charge based on per kilometer from restaurant
    •    All type of users are can make order 


    •  custom page
    • admin can handle every uploaded file
    •   product list
    •    seller menu manage
    •    seller category
    •    resturent request view approval suspend cancel everything can handle
    •    all resturents list
    •    only admin can remove review rettings
    •    resturent request view approval suspend cancel everything can handle
    •    customer list
    •    customer activity
    •    payout request
    •    payout history
    •    admin can handle very orders
    •    subscription plan management(saas)
    •    admin can assign plan to restaurant
    •    admin can update restaurant existing plan 
    •    Manage location
    •    Manage Seller badge
    •    Manage Featured Seller
    •    Earning reports
    •    Drag and drop Menu Management
    •    admin can create New Language from GUI mode 
    •    Frontend theme editor like WordPress
    •    Upcoming Announcement system


    •  GTmatrix rate 98%
    •    99.99% SEO friendly
    •    Sitemap Ready
    •    Auto image optimize
    •    Auto Image resize
    •    Customer location basis Restaurants
    •    City basis Restaurants
    •    map view Restaurants list
    •    Social Auth login ready
    •    fully ajax based
    •    featured Restaurants
    •    Top-rated Restaurants
    •    category based Restaurants
    •    100% mobile friendly
    •    Paypal Stripe COD payment system
    •    Cloud file storage system(digital ocean)
    •    Build with Laravel latest version
    •    REST API


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