Ice dance hip hop on your song - high-level ice dancer practicing on the ice every day

About This Gig

Hello! Congratulation! You've just found A VERY SPECIAL GIG! I'M THE ONLY MAN IN THE WORLD WHO CAN MAKE THAT!
A great way to get viral with your new song ! Original promotion with a professional looking video! This could even be your Official Music Video !

I will do unique hip-hop/Modern moves on ice on the music you want, in the quality and video format you wish for. SINCE MAY 2020 I HAVE A HIGH QUALITY CAMERA (Sony A6600 with a Sigma LENS) WITH A DJi GIMBLE FOR STABILIZED VIDEOS! I EVEN HAVE DRONE IF YOU WANT! (Mavic Air 2)

I'm a high-level ice dancer practicing on the ice every day (not during weekend).
So the day you send me your music, I will learn that song and create a choreography off-ice and adapt on the ice. Figure Skating is my life and I'm happy to share that with the world, let's get viral with your music! Let's skate !

Let me know what would you like me to wear briefly.

Voila, don't hesitate to ask me questions I'll answer quickly.


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