I will record professional american female voice over, today VoiceOver job

About This Gig

Need the best quality female voice over?

✅The highest professional quality at affordable prices! ✅

I'm a professionally trained, full time passionate voice over artist with a top class soundproofed recording studio in NYC with 3000+ 5 star reviews. 

48 hour turnaround, even on weekends!

Profiled in Forbes, Refinery29 + British Press. Clients:
Walmart, Coca Cola, Duracell, Samsung, GE, Disney, AirBnb, Grubhub, PepsiCo + more.

I record + narrate:
  • Phone System + IVR
  • audiobook voice over
  • E Learning
  • animated + explainer videos
  • Podcast intro
  • Announcer + Promos
  • TV / Radio Commercials
  • DJ Drops
  • Dubbing / ADR
  • Real Estate Video
  • Tutorial
  • Video Game
  • more!

Full Broadcast Use: Required for TV/Film/Radio orders

*Commercial Use: Required for Internet/Business use.*

For custom orders, send your script for a quote!

A script is required. I charge $25 per 5 separate files within one script. Revision includes editing errors*--it does not include script changes or tonal re-records. *see FAQ. Standard delivery .mp3. I pace naturally; Time constraint/Video sync incurs fee. 1 File per order.

$5 non-commercial samples available by request, 25 wrds

Looking forward to working with you! 


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