I will make real estate video promo for realtors - promo for realtor to introduce themselves


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This promo contain 7 stock footage with text transitions and 4 Animation slides so it will be the best promo for realtor to introduce themselves 

Hi Realtor are you in search of something new and more than Biteable then this video is for you this promo is made from stock footage which can be used across web 


All script text are fully customized.

Gig Extras:

  • Add a transparent .png logo to a corner of most or all of your video. Most of the video has a darker background so white or light colors are best in this case. 
  • Add lower-third text effect across multiple scenes as well.
  • Create an Instagram version of your video. The Instagram version may be shorter than the main video to keep within Instagram video parameters.
  • Additional Slide Cost 10$

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