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The story of DreamHost began in 1997 with four student friends at the University of Los Angeles, USA. All passionate about technology, open source software and the open and accessible web, the four friends decided to create a unique platform for hosting and sharing files online. Note that this newly designed platform is entirely based on open source technology. DreamHost was then born and is committed to keep the web open to all, including professionals and ordinary Internet users.

Since its inception, the hosting platform has improved with the evolution of the web, and now offers a selection of online services, ranging from domain registration to web hosting and cloud computing services. With up to one million sites registered on its platform including blogs and other web applications, DreamHost supports the permanent operation of more than 400,000 customers (web designers, developers, content creators and SMEs) through the power of the Open Web. The shared hosting offer

Dreamhost Cost Shared hosting plans

Offer name: Shared hosting ;
Price: $7.95/month (3 years), $8.95 (2 years) and $9.95/month (1 year) ;
Disk space: unlimited, the disk space allocated varies according to the hosting needs (SSD technology included) ;
Bandwidth: unlimited;
Domain name included: yes, possibility to add other domain names for free;
Domain names parked: yes, domains included: .com, .net, .org and .info.

Dreamhost Cost The VPS hosting offer

Offer Name: VPS Hosting ;
Price: $15/month, $30/month, $60/month and $120/month ;
Hard disk space: 30 GB, 60 GB, 120 GB and 240 GB. Accelerate your connection speed with the included Solid State Drives (SSD) storage technology;
Bandwidth: unlimited ;
RAM: 1 GB, 2 GB, 4 GB and 8 GB;
Number of processors (CPU): NC ;
Domain name included: Unlimited.

Why should I host my website with Dreamhost?

Note that the Dreamhost platform is based on Open source technologies. DreamHost offers the possibility of a quick return on investment (ROI).
The technical support is very reactive via email (daily newsletters, regular consultation of the user's opinion).
The option of restoring lost files is particularly advantageous for users wishing to maximize the integrity of their data and the security of their website.
DreamHost is in line with the current trend of cloud computing by also offering flexible hosting solutions. Different monthly plans are available in this niche.

What are the limits of Dreamhost

For its VPS and shared hosting packages, DreamHost does not offer technical support by phone: technical support is only available via live chat, e-mail and Twitter.
At Dreamhost, the native management of email across the servers still remains perfectible, especially certain parameters related to anti-SPAM controls and email contact blacklists.

Conclusion and user feedback

Through its shared hosting formula, DreamHost offers unlimited access to most of the technological features included, all with unparalleled speed for attractive remaining rates. This makes the American firm very competitive in all aspects of web hosting. User reviews prove it: WordPress installation in one click, integration of Framework templates in a few clicks, fast website creation, fast migration of websites to DreamHost, intuitive and ergonomic GUI interface, very good quality/price ratio for ultra-accessible services. Free email provider custom domain

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