Hogsten Armchair - Architecture Kit-Bash Model - Realtime PBR - woven fabric, screws, washers

About the Product

HÖGSTEN Armchair


  • Architecture Kit-Bash Model.
  • Realtime PBR


  • Highly Detailed model including accurate woven fabric, screws, washers, metal frame moulding and joints.
  • Easily adjust the color or replace materials with any color or tileable textures.
  • PBR Textures/3D files included for both Metallic/Glossiness workflows.
  • All geometry modelled for subdivision. Turbosmooth modifier applied for 3dsmax, un-subdivided geometry for other formats.
  • Real world units and has accurate measurements so that 3D people can be placed on chairs and relative items to human heights and sizes.
  • All textures are tiled and seamless and 1024x1024 for the wooden wicker. Smaller textures for procedural converted items like Metal/Paint.
  • UV's unwrapped and Non-overlapping.

File Format:

  • 3dsmax 2016 Vray 4.2 & Corona 3.0, these are designed specifically for both render engines and look identical in both. Metallic & Glossiness Materials.
  • Blender 2.83 with Metallic Materials.
  • Cinema 4D R19 with Metallic Materials & Physical Render Engine.
  • GLTF with Embedded Textures.
  • FBX & OBJ Materials will not appear the same as they use Standard Materials. FBX Embedded textures.
  • System Units: Centimetres
  • No additional plugins required other than the render engines themselves.

Additional Information:

  • Studio & lighting not included.
  • Polygon/Vertex counts based on unsubdivided geometry.
  • Dimensions: 80cm Length, 74cm Width, 93cm Height.

If you are happy with the model you have purchased please leave me a positive rating as it helps other artists know that the model is of the quality that I have described above. If you have any feedback or things you would like adjusted on the model please contact me and let me know what would help you and your workflow. Thank you for your purchase!


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