High resolution puzzle instagram feed audience will fall in love

About This Gig

Hi everyone, I'm Gessica!

With the dramatic increase in content uploaded onto Social Media, it is increasingly becoming more difficult to bring the attention of your page/business and stand out among the crowd.

I offer you a professional service creating an artistic & trendy puzzle feed according to your brand or your persona that your audience will fall in love with and which will distinguish you from other accounts.

It is nothing more than a visual composition created with several posts that are 100% connected. The puzzle feed is an evolution of dividing an image or banner into 3, 6 or 9 images that you used to use at the beginning of your Instagram feed.

With this type of feed, the quality of your profile will rise a lot and that will attract more new followers/engagment no matter if your are a business or a personal account! 

  1. send me a direct message with as much informations as possible
  2. provide me images to use and the content of your posts (quotes/phrases etc)
  3. provide me or decide together the colour palette and the style

What are you waiting for? Let's talk and take your Instagram account to next level!


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