Hide My WP - Amazing Security Plugin for WordPress - hides your WordPress from attackers

Hide My WP is number one security plugin for WordPress. It hides your WordPress from attackers, spammers and theme detectors. Over 26,000 satisfied customers use Hide My WP. It also hides your wp login URL and renames admin URL. It detects and blocks XSS, SQL Injection type of security attacks on your WordPress website.

Beware of nulled and duplicate versions of Hide My WP on the Internet. We are an exclusive author at Envato and we don’t sell anywhere else. Hide My WP on CodeCanyon is the only official plugin which can be used to hide your WordPress website.

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hide wordpress from detectors and hackers hide my wp demo skip to content hide my wp demo hide wordpress with this amazing security plugin for wordpress menu home blog front page about the tests clearing floats page with comments disabled page with comments lorem ipsum hide wordpress from detectors and hackers hide my wp plugin hides the fact you use wordpress this secures your website from hackers and theme detectors this is a complex task but we could do it at its best the magic starts now but before it please note everything is in its default location and we do not change any wp folder or file this guarantees maximum compatibility for hide my wp hide your wp-login.php try this wpwave.comwp-login.php not found ok try this one wpwave.comwp-login.phphidemywp1234 new you can now define a custom login url like this httpwpwave.comlogin hide wp admin folder and all of its files for untrusted users wpwave.commanage not found or change it to something else wpwave.commy-admin change wordpress theme directory remove theme info from stylesheet replace default wp classes and finally minify it wpwave.comtemplatemain.css instead wp content themes twentytwelve style.css change plugins directory and hash plugins name wpwave.commodules95578af5shortcodes.css or even templateext 0f6a208e instead wp content pluginszilla-shortcodesshortcodes.css wpwave.commodules95578af5shortcodes.php not found deny access change wp includes folder upload url ajax url etc wpwave.comlibjsjqueryjquery.js or even templatelib jquery instead wp includes jsjqueryjquery.js wpwave.comfiletest-image-landscape.jpg instead wp content uploads test-image-landscape.jpg wpwave.comajax.php print 0 instead wp admin admin-ajax.php change wordpress query urls new urls wpwave.comarticleid1 wpwave.comuser1 wpwave.comfindhide old not working urls wpwave.comp1 nothing happen wpwave.comauthor1 nothing happen wpwave.comshide nothing happen change author permalink or disable it new wpwave.comadmin or wpwave.comprofileadmin optional old wpwave.comauthoradmin not found change or disable feeds new wpwave.comindex.xml or wpwave.comcataciformindex.xml old wpwave.comfeed not found hide all other wordpress files wpwave.comreadme.html not found wpwave.comlicense.txt not found disable wordpress archives categories tags pages posts etc wpwave.com201209 not found wpwave.comm201209 nothing happen trust network hide my wp is the most popular security plugin on envato marketplace we have a large community of wordpress based businesses our amazing volunteers allow us to collect and analyze anonymous data from their ids database these data are very valuable for any security company we instantly can discover any common vulnerability in the network and automatically protect our customers as everything is done in background you dont need to do anything without a doubt this is the simplest fastest and the most efficient technique to protect wordpress based businesses intrusion detection system using hide my wps one of the only wp-optimized intrusion detection and prevention system you do not even need a vulnerability to be discovered ids automatically monitors the site and finds potential dangerous requests base on many different patterns it assigns a number impact factor to each request which shows how dangerous it could be.you always access to all details of attackers who are they where are they from and how they are trying to hack your site and if they should block or not continue reading theres still more easily replace any words in your html output file easily changehide any url or or file by replace urls notify you when someone is mousing about your wordpress site included with visitor details like ip user agent referrer and even username compress html output and remove comments in source code remove wordpress meta info from header and feeds change default wordpress email sender custom 404 page remove unnecessary menu classes clean up body classes if there is still ambiguity please check out screenshots or leave a message ids tab source code tab replace tools tab permalink tab general tabs start tab ids log buy it now try hide my wp lite for free hides from wappalyzer builtwith isitwp scanwp whatruns and many other detectors. search for recent posts hello world readability test layout test images test post format test gallery recent comments mr wordpress on hello world admin on comment test test contributor on comment test tellyworthtest2 on comment test test author on comment test archive disabled september 2012 september 2008 june 2008 may 2008 april 2008 march 2008 categories aciform antiquarianism arrangement asmodeus broder buying cat a cat b cat c championship chastening clerkship disinclination disinfection dispatch echappee enphagy equipollent fatuity gaberlunzie illtempered insubordination lender monosyllable packthread palter papilionaceous personable propylaeum pustule quartern scholarship selfconvicted showshoe sloyd sub sublunary tamtam uncategorized weakhearted ween wellhead wellintentioned whetstone years

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