Find a logo design on Fiverr - What you need to know


Find a logo design on Fiverr - What you need to know

The quality of independent logo design services offered by freelancers on Fiverr varies greatly. From experienced graphic designers to beginning designers, everyone can offer their services on the platform. Thus, prices for logo design services can also vary widely, ranging from $5 to $300 or more!

Of course, Fiverr is best known for its services that cost only 5 dollars. However, does that mean that you absolutely have to find a logo designer at that price? Or should you rather ask yourself how to get the best logo at the best possible price? If you are considering using Fiverr for your logo design needs, read the following tips on how to find the best vendor for your project. Then you can decide if a $5 logo is really worth the price.

Refine your search for vendors

Start by sorting through all your potential logo designers. Fortunately, Fiverr will not immediately offer you thousands of freelance logo designers. Indeed, you will have to help the platform to limit your options according to your own design ideas. Fiverr offers a clever feature to do this, which asks you for the type of logo you are looking for. For example, you'll be asked questions about your preferred logo style and colors. Fiverr will then direct you to the different people or agencies that, depending on the platform, are most likely to help you based on their experience and specializations.

Consider the designer's experience on Fiverr

You will now see several freelance designers proposed by Fiverr. Experienced designers are more likely to provide you with better work than those with less experience. To help buyers quickly identify active and experienced freelancers on the platform, Fiverr classifies them as Top-Rated, Level 2 or Level 1 sellers. Below are the criteria that Fiverr uses to make this ranking, as well as examples of designs proposed by an actual freelancer at each level.

Top-rated" sellers

Have completed at least 100 individual orders
Earned $20,000 or more
Have been active on Fivver for more than 180 days

Level 2 sellers

Have completed at least 50 individual orders
Earned $2,000 or more
Have been active on Fivver for more than 120 days

Level 1 sellers

Have completed at least 10 individual orders
Earned $400 or more
Have been active on Fivver for more than 60 days

The best logo designers have Top-Rated or Level 2 status. Of course, the term "best" is subjective, and you should always check the portfolio of your potential designers. Also, keep in mind that it is quite possible to find a great designer with little experience on the Fiverr platform.

How can you be sure you don't automatically eliminate these people? Luckily, there are other ways to find your ideal logo designer

Trust your instincts

Fiverr has thousands of freelance logo designers. While some are excellent and will provide you with quality service, others just want to make money quickly. Fortunately, it's relatively easy to know if someone will do a good job. The best designers will work closely with you to create a logo that you like, even going so far as to provide you with preliminary sketches so that you can make comments and clarify your design ideas.

I've gone through the profiles of various vendors on Fiverr and contacted them to see if they could help me with my logo project. Here are my findings:

The good sellers

These freelancers have a professional profile. They will make extra efforts to ensure that the logo created corresponds exactly to your expectations. Here are the elements to look for:

Positive reviews from previous clients included in their profile
A secure payment method available

Quick responses to messages that demonstrate a full understanding of your needs or include detailed questions for clarification.

Passable sellers

Fair sellers will create your logo, but their work will be limited to being fair. They will provide you with a generic design that you could have created faster and cheaper via an online logo designer. Be vigilant if you notice any of the following:

A very low starting price
Mixed evaluations from previous clients
A reluctance to make changes to the design provided
Generic responses to your messages showing little interest in your logo project

Bad salesmen

Logos from bad sellers are just plain bad, and you may wonder if they really bothered to pay attention to your design ideas. Worse yet, the logo you receive may be a replica of another logo that the seller has copied from the Internet. Bad salespeople may simply want to rip you off and get paid for doing nothing. If you spot any of the following, immediately go ahead and look for another designer :

Poor reviews from most previous customers
A very high starting price despite a portfolio of generic and poor quality logos
A dubious profile with an unprofessional appearance
Vague responses to your messages that seem sloppy or are riddled with typos and grammatical errors.

Of course, the indicators mentioned for each seller category are not 100% infallible. For example, you may be quite satisfied with the work of a "fair" salesperson who has a lot of experience in your particular design style. Also, not all good designers have spectacular profiles, especially if they are relatively new to Fiverr. Ultimately, your best protection is to scrutinize your potential designers by talking directly to them. This will give you an idea of their technical capabilities and reliability. Trust your instincts.

You get what you pay for

Fiverr is the number one $5 platform in the world. Although you may be lucky enough to find a freelancer who can create your ideal logo for $5, in 95% of the cases, at that price, you will only get a generic graphic that barely reflects your brand image. Let's face it: if you only pay $5 for a logo, it probably won't be the best one you've ever seen. It's as simple as that.

However, while a $5 logo will not contain sophisticated graphics and will not exploit the psychology of your audience, it may be suitable for new businesses with limited budgets or an undefined brand image. In other cases, you will have to pay a little more for a higher quality logo. In the long run, the investment will be worth it for your company.

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