Fantastic aesthetic instagram puzzle feed content more unique and recognizable


About This Gig

Hello Passionate Instagramers!

With the dramatic increase in users and content uploaded onto Instagram, it is increasingly becoming more difficult to bring attention to your Instagram page and stand out among the crowd.  As this is an issue many faces I am here to offer the latest aesthetic Instagram puzzle feed that will impress your followers with the creativity and make your content more unique and recognizable.

Why you should choose RedTesha?

  • I am a Seller with level 2, and also have a lot of praise from my clients
  • I am always satisfied my buyers
  • Always give you fast response, good deal price, and very good quality
  • Thumbnail is 1080 x 1080 pixels

All you have to do is:
  • Provide me with your images
  • Your desired theme colours or style example: colorful, autumn, elegant, tropical, minimalist
  • More details means quicker work

Message me for any further questions! Looking forward to creating your unique and aesthetic puzzle feeds ;)

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