Dreamhost: awards, rankings, analysis and opinions , dreamhost plans, why best web hosting services 2021

Dreamhost is a hosting company that provides excellent international service. It is characterized by an excellent price, allowing administration through software similar to cPanel and specializations in WordPress.

Choosing a web hosting service is a task worth your time. You need to choose the one that meets the criteria of capacity, technology requirements, price and other features that your project requires.

In this article, we will talk a little bit about the different features of Dreamhost so that you know if it is the right one for you.

Dreamhost: awards, rankings, analysis and opinions , dreamhost plans, why best web hosting services 2021

Advantages and disadvantages of DreamHost

Good of Dreamhost
Good price. | Domain included. | Installers in 1 click. | Easy to use. | SSD storage space.

Bad of Dreamhost
It is possible to experience somewhat slow speeds with many users. | Technical support in English. | Basic plans limited to 1 site.

Dreamhost cost offers and plans

Dreamhost: awards, rankings, analysis and opinions , dreamhost plans, why best web hosting services 2021

Why choose DreamHost in 2021?

Choosing the right accommodation is synonymous with choosing the best accommodation. Any project, no matter how small, cannot deprive itself of the advantages of good web hosting.
Thus, the importance of choosing the right hosting lies in the guarantee of success of your project. You must have the right service analyzed and even receive technical advice.
This time, we recommend DreamHost, because it has features and plans for every need, an affordable price and several tools that will facilitate the development of any project. You can use cPanel and it has plans with WordPress pre-installed.
The best web hosts that exist have good performance in all the basic features. DreamHost is a good option because it ensures excellent performance of the activities performed with contracted services.

Main features of DreamHost

To know the advantages of this supplier, it is necessary to review its characteristics. This way, you will be able to know in detail what it can offer to your project.

1. Ease of use

This host is quite simple to use, as it has a very well organized website. The administration panel of their servers is very similar to cPanel and allows to easily install many additional modules.

They also have a chat room that can help you choose the best plan for your project. This way, you can rent the right plan and your website will work much better.

Although the technical support is in English, they respond very quickly. In addition, they are ready to help with any technical problems. Without any additional cost.

2. Domain Names

DreamHost offers a very good domain registration service. They have very low prices and many extensions available.

They also offer free privacy protection, which is a paid service with most providers.

They offer interesting prices for the domain names of the most expensive extensions like .com or .org. In addition, there are more than 400 extensions of all types, so you have a good variety when registering your domain.

Geolocated extensions are more aimed at Europe and Asia, which is excellent for positioning projects in these regions. But if you need an extension in Latin America, it is best to choose another provider.

3. Send an email to

DreamHost also has an excellent email section. It offers packages only for this service, starting at 1.68? per month.

With 25 GB of storage and webmail, you can manage it more efficiently.

In addition, the hosting plans also have the webmail service, which will allow you to create an unlimited number of email accounts and manage the webmail interfaces from the desktop and cell phone.Uno de los servicios que ofrece Dreamhost es el correo electrónico.

It also has the G suite, a Google enterprise software package that has all the messaging functions and also offers many business tools. They are excellent for teamwork and very organized.

4. Database

This hosting provider has its service well covered in terms of databases. All DreamHost plans have unlimited MySQL databases. This is a great advantage for you, because it will give you more freedom to work.

5. Applications

DreamHost offers several applications that can be very useful for each of you. For starters, it offers one-click installers that make the service much easier to use. It also offers an administration panel very similar to cPanel.
There are many applications for all uses. Just choose the ones that fit your project and install them easily. They also have a site builder that is very easy to use and gives good results.

6. Storage

DreamHost offers excellent storage features. The most basic plans offer from 30 GB SSD. Which is very good compared to many other hosting companies.
All other plans have unlimited storage. This is a very advantageous feature for any type of project, and it is also very convenient that they are SSD, because it guarantees a much higher upload speed for your website.

7. Transfer

Transfer speed is another aspect in which DreamHost stands out from its competitors. All the plans you offer have an unlimited transfer. This guarantees that you will not have any speed problems with your users.

It should be noted that some people have experienced slightly lower speeds. This happens when you have big plans in basic hosting. Transfer speed is a feature that is quite limited in all services.

8. Multisite

In this section, DreamHost's service is not the best of all. The low and medium plans offer hosting for a single domain, which is not very practical. By spreading the price a little bit, you can see that it becomes unlimited.

The fact that the sites are a bit limited may be due to the fact that they offer unlimited transfer speeds. Although it is worth renting an average plan since the price difference is not very significant.
Dreamhost: awards, rankings, analysis and opinions , dreamhost plans, why best web hosting services 2021

9. SSL Certificate

Another feature of DreamHost stands out quite well. All plans offer free SSL certificates for all domains.
This is quite convenient, as many providers offer little or even a completely different service.
This guarantees that your website is a serious and safe project for your visitors and also for the search engines that index you. This is a very positive feature that can bring you many advantages in your project.

Services offered by DreamHost

DreamHost offers several different services on its website that we will highlight below:

1. Hosting

It offers hosting services for all types of projects. If you visit their website, you will probably get a plan that will suit you. Either shared hosting, optimized for WordPress, and even VPS and dedicated servers.

2. Domain registration

DreamHost also performs web domain registrations and transfers. The most popular extensions are available at excellent prices, and you can choose from over 400 new extensions.

3. Website creator

This web page creator is easy to use, thanks to the drag and drop technology. It is also very interesting that they offer a WordPress site creator. It offers many templates and its own web editor.

4. Website design service

DreamHost also offers you to create directly what you have in mind with prices ranging from 299? to 899? for advanced websites.

5. Send an email to

It has a totally independent mail hosting service whose price varies between 1.68 euros per month. It also offers the Google G suite, for those who need to manage work teams and professional emails.

Dreamhost: awards, rankings, analysis and opinions , dreamhost plans, why best web hosting services 2021

How to install DreamHost in your website?

Installing DreamHost in your website can be a little complicated.
Especially if you don't have any technical knowledge.
The configuration of the hosting servers will depend on the hosting you want to use. Normally, you will need to install software, download the server and run it. As this can be complicated, the best thing to do is to find out after you have chosen the hosting you want. Although there is usually a general guide :
  • You need to take over the services of a domain.
  • Know what requirements you need for the project.
  • You need to purchase the necessary plan that fits your needs.
  • Determine the DNS of the domain to the server.
  • Use cPanel tools to control the server
  • Then you need to configure the server for administrators.
  • Finally, you need to access your website through the server.
  • DreamHost customer service is available to help you with this task. Just contact technical support and they will take care of the whole process.

They will guide you through all the steps of setting up any kind of hosting. If you need personalized help, you can always use the phone to contact them and they will advise you at any time.

You can therefore count on technical support to help you, because it is not an easy task. In any case, if you have complications and don't know what to do, we recommend you contact technical support. Only if this feature is included in the subscribed plan.

DreamHost promotions and payment methods

DreamHost offers you several prices, plans and promotions as well as different payment alternatives. You can therefore benefit from a good diversity when renting a storage service.

1. Dreamhost's prices

DreamHost offers three plans.
It should be noted that everyone has access to a software very similar to cPanel and the possibility to install WordPress :
WordPress Dream Press Pro starts at 64.72? per month.
The Basic VPS plan starts at £12.37 per month.
Dedicated DreamHost hosting for £152.10 per month.

2. Dreamhost Promotions

For shared hosting, prices start at $2.59/month, which includes a website and a free SSL certificate. WordPress hosting comes with various hosting gifts.

The shared WordPress Starter plan includes automatic daily backups and updates. You can get it for $2.59/month.

The company's VPS hosting offers you an equally attractive price-performance ratio. The basic VPS plan is $10/month and gives you 1 GB of RAM and 30 GB of SSD storage.

Dedicated hosting with DreamHost is at the most expensive end of the affordable price spectrum, while giving you value. Starting at $149 per month, the plan offers root and shell access and DDoS protection.

Many plans support resale, although no plan is dedicated to resale. These are not the best prices, but discounts can be obtained by signing three-year contracts.

They get a 97-day refund and "free days" for downtime. Does not apply to inactivity due to user error.

3. Dreamhost Payment Methods

DreamHost accepts PayPal, checks (written or electronic), money orders and gift certificates. Please note that they do not offer automatic refunds on almost all payment methods.

Opinions of DreamHost

"Dreamhost has a very useful service, they help you in all the installation of the hosting and the price is adjusted".

"After reading some reviews, I decided for DreamHost, their servers are fast and the hosting service is efficient.

"If you don't want to think too much about the decision to buy a hosting plan, go for DreamHost, it's easy to use and its price is reasonable".

Conclusion on the DreamHost hosting service

DreamHost offers a very good service. Veteran users can access a wide range of tools through their own cPanel. People with no knowledge can request the installation of a CMS such as WordPress.
It's pretty easy to customize the backend the way you like it. The proprietary panel does absolutely all the functions of the cPanel, such as installing WordPress. It allows you to make changes in a simple way and follow the instructions.

DreamHost's performance is excellent in every respect, from uptime to loading time. The limits of its default plan are high and offer multiple unlimited options for disk space and bandwidth.

Customer service can improve its response time and get closer to the goal of 24/7/365. Still, it's not bad.
One drawback is that you have to pay to perform migrations, because cPanel is not offered to automatically move sites for you. The cPanel they offer is the one they designed so it does not have the same features as traditional cPanel.

DreamHost sets affordable prices with a variety of features and tools to present well balanced basic and advanced plans.

Between the pros and cons, DreamHost is really a company born from an open source project and remains privileged. DreamHost offers you advanced features, that's why it is highly recommended.
Dreamhost: awards, rankings, analysis and opinions , dreamhost plans, why best web hosting services 2021

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