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About This Gig

Please message me before placing the order so we can discuss it.

Purpose of use?

This functionality is for data scraping and making your website autopilot from other websites when you need  Syndicating, Importing, Merging and Displaying Full-Text RSS and Atom feed on your WordPress Blog or website.

By this functionality, you will be able to fetch an RSS feed and publishes the full article content of each Feed Item as the stand-alone post.

In most of the cases, it is convenient for users to add RSS feeds to get data from other websites. I am an expert in this field to fetching data from other sites through RSS feeds with images.

It’s really easy to add multiple RSS feeds together when I will develop this functionality. Just enter the URL’s and click on the Fetch feeds button. This can be repeated for multiple feeds. 

I will make the process as simple as possible to help smooth the process of creating a complete web site based on the feeds or I will make the function to fetch all posts or feeds on the base of keywords.

How many feed URLs can I aggregate?
With this functionality, you will be able to fetch posts from unlimited feed URLs 


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