Create gis map, vector map, do spatial analysis - Digitization of Point, Lines and Polygon in Vector

About This Gig

I am GIS Analyst with more than 5 year experience in GIS field. I have done many projects from creating GIS maps in Arcgis, Golden Software and QGIS Open source software. I have good Knowledge in creation of maps using Golden Software, Surfer environment and QGIS open source environment, Global Mapper, Arcgis etc. I have knowledge of database managment with GIS data.

 I offer the following Services for you;

  • Coordinate System
  • Create Maps from Google Earth
  • Shapefie, Feature Class, Geodatabase, kml etc
  • Georeferencing
  • Digitization of Point, Lines and Polygon in Vector format.
  • Spatial Analysis.
  • Lineament/Lineament Density Map, Rose Diagram
  • Drainage pattern
  • Topographic Map(contour, shaded relief)
  • Topology/Cross-Section
And much more.


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