Ciyashop - eCommerce Application Adobe XD UI Kit

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  1. Splash Screen
  2. Login
  3. Register
  4. Welcome 1
  5. Welcome 2
  6. Welcome 3
  7. Home Page
  8. Product Listing – Grid View
  9. Product Listing – List View
  10. Product Detail
  11. Categories
  12. Filters
  13. Search
  14. Cart
  15. Wishlist
  16. Checkout
  17. My Address
  18. Add Billing Address
  19. Add Shipping Address
  20. My Orders
  21. Order Detail
  22. My Coupons
  23. Scratch Coupon
  24. Choose Currency
  25. Contact Us
  26. About Us
  27. Sidebar Menu


  • Images used in the demo are not included in the Downloaded Package. All credits are included in the help file. We provide placeholder images with recommended image size mentioned on it.


Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have. You’re the reason we’re here! We would love to hear any constructive feedback.

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