Aesthetic instagram puzzle feed - make your content unique and recognizable

About This Gig

Hello Passionate Instagramers!
With the dramatic increase in content uploaded onto Instagram, it is increasingly becoming more difficult to bring attention to your page/business and stand out among the crowd. 

I am here to offer the latest trendy style of feed that will impress your followers with the creativity and make your content unique and recognizable. 

Puzzle Feed is essentially a collage looking feed that flows simultaneously from post to post. 
You may choose to have a half puzzle feed where only the background is split continuously, but the square posts themselves make sense individually.

All my packages include:
  • Unique eye-catching designs
  • Text
  • Vector overlays
  • Sourcing complimentary images
  • Numbering guide document of posts (eases posting process)

I can guarantee that this will step up your Instagram game dramatically and attract new followers/engagement no matter if you are a business or a personal account!

All you have to do is:
  • Provide me with your images
  • Your desired theme colours or style eg. tropical, minimalist


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