5 original name ideas for your business, brand or service

About This Gig

"Trafficspurt has done a wonderful job in searching names for my company. They are very supportive and have a professional approach. I would definitely recommend Trafficspurt." (Hitendragm)

My name is Matija and I'm the founder of trafficspurt services. I'm a naming enthusiast and master brainstormer. Naming is both my job and my hobby

In this gig I’ll research your target market and come up with 5 different name ideas you can use to present your business, service or product. I’ll check for names that do well in your industry and brainstorm suggestions that grab attention.

Why is this gig different than other naming gigs?
I spend way too many hours reading books on name development and linguistics. I am one of the few namers on this platform that understand the impact of unique sounds and varying numbers of syllables on the flow of a business name. I make sure every name is easy to spell and pronounce in as many languages as possible. In short, I take care of the details most namers don't even know exist.

Message me if you have any questions and I'll try to answers as soon as possible. I typically answer within an hour or two. 

You can also go through the frequently asked questions.


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