3d print miniatures or tabletop war game terrain

About This Gig

Thanks for Visiting my Fiverr Page!

I am here to assist in your Physical 3D Printing needs for Tabletop Gaming.

Firstly i want to mention if you are in need of Terrain Printing for tabletop games, please send me a message with your requested model that needs printed, i can give you a quote based on Cost, and time to do so. I can potentially provide Painting and detailing as well as an extra option for terrain prints. 

I enjoy both FDM and Resin Printing, Please send me quotes based on models you would like to see printed and to send you a custom offer based on resource, and time to support and support removal. 

During your quoting process i will go over the size of models and quantity, resource consumption, color of resin/filament and options of quality for pricing support/support removal. I will offer the best prices i can for the time consuming of the model's, or items your wanting.

Thanks again and i look forward to talking all of you!


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