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My work was featured in the New York Times in august 2020

You need creative vertical (or other sizes) videos, so that your offer fits the vibe of Instagram/ Facebook stories - Feed ? With YOUR LOGO & COLORS as a signature for your audience ? 
Our experience with more than 100 brands in variety of fields is our best asset to open for you new channels of revenue. We don't just make videos, we create concepts from the ground up.
We'll design for you a unique, high-converting, on brand video ad that you can run in your campaigns.

What we create can :

· Run Instagram Story Ads through the Facebook Ads platform

· Promote to your existing fan base on ANY social media

· Recruit clients (drop shipping, Products, Businesses, Courses and more).

What you receive :

· A 1080x1920 vertical video with a convincing swipe up call to action

· A 100% creative and unique video

· Punchy captions

· Royalty-free fitting music

· Custom colors

· YOUR LOGO with customized appearance 

· Music free from copyrights for Ads

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