Tune and master your vocals professionally - Vocal Tuning

Tune and master your vocals professionally - Vocal Tuning

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Find examples of my songs on Youtube: search Robin MacGregor

I will make your vocals sound amazing! Taking your original sound file (wav/mp3) I can edit, clean, remove hum, EQ, shine, adjust levels, and TUNE UP like a pop professional! Please specific if you require particular work including:

Tuning (pitch correction, autotune)

Audio Editing (removing pauses, restarts, stutters, umms, errs, lip smacks and breathing sounds. Combining different recordings. Layering and mixing music)

EQ (EQ matching. Corrective equalization. High-pass and low-pass filtering. Phase correction. Enhancing, warming and brightening)

Mixing (Mixing individual stems covering music instruments, vocals, dialogue or ambience)

Levelling (adjusting volume levels to match)

Dynamic processing (Compression. Limiting. De-essing)


Adding ID3 tags (Assigning all pertinent information) to Mp3s


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