Translate amazon listing into #german, #english, #french, #italian, #spanish, #dutch - asriel dreemurr

Translate amazon listing into #german, #english, #french, #italian, #spanish, #dutch - asriel dreemurr

About This Gig

Hello and welcome to The best Amazon listing Translation GIG.

With more than 5 years of experience, you will have a team of professionals native translators and SEO Optimizers for a Killer Amazon Listing Translation that will bring you more Organic Sales and increase your Ranking!! 

We will translate your listing and adapt it to each EU market so that you can Boost your Sales.

An effective strategy: find below our proven strategy for translating and optimizing amazon product listings in steps:

  1. An In-Depth Market Research of your top ranking Competitors,
  2. - A Review Research  using the review checker on H10 to Identify Your clients' complaints.
  3. - An SEO optimized Title, Bullet Points, Description, and HTML Description with long-tail organic keywords relevant to your customers and to amzn.
  4. A Set of Back-End keywords that People Don't See, But they Help You Sell.
  5. Competitors tracking ASIN.


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