Setup and manage your google ads adwords PPC campaigns - Google Ads Management Generate more leads


setup and manage your google ads adwords PPC campaigns - Google Ads Management Generate more leads

More About This Gig

Welcome to Electronic Poet, the only UK based registered agency catering to all your Amazon FBA needs.

Amazon PPC pay per click is also known as Sponsored ads, is an advertising platform to help sellers amplify their product sales online. 

We will set up the PPC campaigns with researched keywords, adjust the placements based on your goals, and optimize the campaigns with ongoing management and will perform live PPC optimization with video call & screen-share with the ability to record the session, that's your personalized training.

Before starting Pay Per Click sponsored ads, please ensure product listing is optimized. 


  • 1 Product
  • Setup and optimization
  • No management


  • 1 Product
  • Setup and optimization
  • No management
  • 1 video call and screen sharing (live PPC training)


  • 1 Products
  • Setup and optimization
  • 1-month management
  • Unlimited video calls with screen sharing (live PPC training)


P.S. each product performs differently. Therefore ACOS may vary


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