Record your script with a young female voice - #voiceactress #voiceactors #voiceoveractor

Record your script with a young female voice - #voiceactress #voiceactors #voiceoveractor

About This Gig

I will professionally record a young, female voice and return an HQ WAV file. Once offer is accepted, file will be delivered within agreed upon time.

Please provide pronunciations and any links to hear specific ways to say what you are requesting. In addition, please give details on tone or accents you may want.

I am quite flexible and want to provide the best product for you. I look forward to working with you in the future.

  • You MUST provide the script. 
  • You MUST be detailed in your order.  *SEE MY REVISION POLICY.


It is my goal to get it right the first time! I will fix my mistakes. Please provide pronunciations for odd words beforehand and the tone you prefer. Script will be read as-is.

Commercial license must be purchased for any business needs or advertising.


  • See below! 


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