Record a professional british voice over - #indiansingers #narration #voiceoveracting #voiceoveractress


Record a professional british voice over - #indiansingers #narration #voiceoveracting

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About This Gig

Hi there!

I record professional HQ voice overs in an acoustically treated studio.

I am a trained and highly experienced British voice talent and my voice has been used by companies such as Emirates, Bupa and Lloyds Bank among many others. I have recorded thousands of voice overs for television, radio, corporate training, podcasts, e-learning programs, audio books, telephone systems, animations and much more.

I speak in a neutral British accent and my voice has been described as warm, trustworthy, intelligent and approachable. 

For $30 usd you get up to 100 words.

After that, each additional 100 words is just $15.

Your voice over will be fully edited, mastered and ready to broadcast as a high quality WAV or MP3 file.

Please check out my Gig Extras for things like background music, commercial rights, timed audio sync and more!

You can use the word count function to get a quote, or contact me to get a custom offer!

I'm passionate about providing awesome voice overs and I am looking forward to working with you! :)

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