Record a friendly, compelling female voiceover - female voice over online - voice talent library

Record a friendly, compelling female voiceover - female voice over online - voice talent library

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About This Gig

Hi there! Do you need a friendly, natural sounding, non-sales pitch voiceover for your project or video? Then I'm your girl. :)

Message me to chat about your project's needs or go ahead and place an order! 

I am an Apple Certified producer in audio recording and have only ever received 5 star reviews on my other voiceover gigs. I saw a need among clients for down to earth voiceover recordings and decided to make a service specific to this request! 

My turn around time is 3 days and I always provide a high quality wav file.

If you need me to sync my voiceover to the timing of your video, that is considered "audio sync" and costs an additional $50 per 60 seconds of video. Please click this gig extra in the order form if you need this.

I look forward to working with you! 

Price Breakdown: 

$50 for 200 words or less, use the word calculator for exact price.
$25 for each additional 100 words or less.
I am also always able to customize an order specifically for you if you message me!

*I don't record sexually explicit material.*"
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