record a conversational female video narration or voice over - #acting #armanmalik #voiceoveractress


record a conversational female video narration or voice over - #acting #armanmalik #voiceoveractress

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About This Gig

I will record a conversational American female voice over or video narration.

What is a Conversational Tone? Well, it sounds like a real conversation between friends. My voice over inspiration always comes from my life experiences. Your projects should always sound authentic.

  • Your ordering is easy. Choose from multiple checklists like timing, your demographic and tones.

  • Once you place a voice over order, I can record samples of your script. You and your team choose the right tone for your project. Have more control in the beginning!

  • Extras include 24 hour delivery, video sync, royalty free music, split files, extra revisions, commercial and broadcast rights.

  • My recording studio is professional so your audio is clear, natural and clean with no interfering noise.

  • Please visit my Fiverr Portfolio Page to see recent conversational projects.

  • I embrace differences. Please contact me if you have questions and want to meet me.
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