Record an african american female voice over for you - #voiceactors #voiceover #voiceacting

Record an african american female voice over for you - #voiceactors #voiceover #voiceacting

About This Gig


READ FAQ before ordering. 

I will deliver an amazing voice over for your project. 

I am a professional spoken word artist, poet, actor, and voice over artist. My job is not done until you are 100% satisfied.

FOR A LIMITED TIME : RECEIVE A 10 SECOND DEMO OF YOUR SCRIPT FOR FREE! Message me with your script to get started. 

To avoid confusion, please message me before placing an order. 

Rights & Usage:

*Note:I follow the GVAA Rate Guide for all of my rates.  Refer to GVAA Rate Guide when ordering.


  • Your final, approved script-- I will only record what you provide. You will have to repurchase the gig if there are errors or a new voice over needed due to script changes. I will only revise, if there is a revision request based on an improvement, with my voice not your script. 
  • Delivery style-- authoritative, relaxed/meditative, conversational, cheerful/energetic,  soccer mom, etc. 

  • Audio file, link or Phonetic spelling of all nonstandard English words/names. I don't want to mispronounce any words.

Custom orders accepted. 

Let's get started!


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