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I can provide you with industry quality, session drummer standard drum recordings. Whether you have ideas you want played or you want drum parts made from scratch, I can help fulfil your musical vision.

I'll happily work with you to make sure the drum parts recorded, fit your music in the best way possible and help elevate your songs.

You will receive between 10 and 12 multitrack acoustic drum stems, with all the drums close mic'd as well as two overhead and two room microphones. I will happily offer revisions, and can also pre mix the stems if that is preferred

Link to the full drum showreel: 

This fee is for a 4 Minute song, there is an extra $10 per song for every 80 second extra. 

Please be aware I do not play with double pedal so I cannot provide this service, apologies in advance.

Drums are recorded at 44.1 Hz.

For songs NOT recorded to a metronome please add the gig extra 'Record Without Click'. 

Feel free to ask me any questions directly, or if the packages I have available don't fit what you're looking for and we can discuss a custom offer.



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