PINTEREST SEO: SEO friendly pinterest marketing manager - FIND THE BEST KEYWORDS

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The More Time I’ll do Pinterest Marketing for Your Profile, The Best Result It’ll Get Guaranteed!

Pinterest Marketing works both as SEO and Social Media Marketing. It’s a passive traffic source for your website, means after a certain period of time, your profile’s monthly viewers and monthly engagement will always stay increased with a very little work put on or even if you go on a vacation and don’t work 1-2 weeks, you'll still be getting traffic. Once the profile is optimized, your pins will rank high on social search results and on Google too. So you’ll get traffic from both the platforms in the long run.

As a Professional, I do Pinterest Marketing as stated below:

  • Create/Convert to Business Account
  • Do Keyword Research
  • Keyword Based Profile Description
  • SEO Optimized Board Creation and Board Description
  • SEO Optimized Pin Title, Description
  • Video Pinning
  • Daily Manual Pinning with high volume keywords and hashtags
  • Join High Engaging Group Boards
  • Repin other viral pins and comment to increase engagement
  • Social Media and Website Integration
  • Follow People and Gain More Followers
  • AD Campaign

Why Choose me?
  • Search Engine Friendly Profile, Pin, Board Setup
  • 100% Organic
  • After Sales Support


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