Personal stylist and image consultant - Hiring a Personal Stylist

Personal stylist and image consultant - Hiring a Personal Stylist

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About This Gig

I am a professional fashion stylist & I work as a virtual stylist for several years. What I really enjoy about that is interacting with people and help them find their magnificent self. A complete understanding of your needs is guaranteed in any of my gigs. I can assure you that my keen eye for detail will skyrocket your confidence and style!

Not sure about your look? Not sure what to wear for your body shape? Don't worry I am here to help. Let me know what your problem and I will provide my pro feedback along with tips to make your life easier!

Need more? With gold & platinum package you get two or five outfits accordingly. Every item will be handpicked by me, taken into consideration your body shape, colors that suit your skin tone, budget and personal style. Along with this, links will be provided so you can easily purchase them.

This gig is available for both men and women. Please feel free to contact me before ordering my gigs and ask all relevant questions.


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