Optimize and manage amazon PPC campaigns - Google Ads Conversion Tracking With Google Tag Manager


Optimize and manage amazon PPC campaigns - Google Ads Conversion Tracking With Google Tag Manager

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Regardless of whether you are a current Amazon dealer or need to wind up one, you know as of now that you won't most likely sell, rank, or appear in indexed lists without publicizing. Nowadays, the Amazon market place is becoming very competitive and having an optimize advertisement campaign can be the difference between success and failure.

PPC promoting could be dubious, threatening, and expensive if not set up accurately and improved week after week. After personally loosing countless thousands of dollars on Amazon PPC, I have learned valuable skills and tactics that will ensure you do not go through the same rough road

How will I create your  PPC Campaigns? 

  • I will research the KW that will provide you with Top Searches
  • Create Auto, Manual, KW Targeting, Product Targeting Campaigns & Sponsored Ads
  • Manage the Bids of the kW  to ensure the ACOS is kept profitable
  • Add Irrelevant Keywords as negative KW to improve PPC efficiency
  • Grab Traffic from other product to drive sales to your Product
  • Add 6 Ad Groups (Exact, Broad, Phrase, Product Targeting, Low Volume Keywords, Long Tail KW)
  • Monitor your PPC campaign to keep a Low ACos
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