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About This Gig

Expert Facebook Ads Manager here! I am a Facebook Blueprint certified, facebook advertising specialist.

Why choose my service?
1) Ad campaign set-up.
2)Audience research.
3)Ad concept development.
4)Re-targeting Ads setup.
5)Active keyword base targeted audience selection & Ads management...
6)Ledger targeted Ad Placement. 
7)Monetize with Custom Ad Formats.*
8)Maximize Your eCPM.
9)Best ROI selection for products.  

World wild Three Million Facebook Audience! you can grow your Ad Revenue using my service.

I will be work for increasing real traffic or interested people to send your FB page/ product page/ webstore / website / shopify store / holiday deals campaigning / Eventbright campaigning / Travel package campaigning / Amazon store / etsy products etc.

My assurance is the Expert [facebook ads marketing] service where you do not have to complain any more for real traffic / interested customer...

 + Please message me before place the order...  
***I do not provide any training on the Gigs***  


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