Draw your portrait wsj style hedcut, engraving, etching, woodcut, stipple - woodcut illustration

About This Gig

You will have head & shoulder type Wall Street Journal (WSJ) Style hedcuts portrait.
Perfect for profile pictures, avatars, about me, company profile pages, gifts, wallpapers, pop art posters, birthday cards and many more!
Suitable for laser engravings. You can turn your photo to engrave ready file. It is important to reach quality laser engravings
You can use this drawings for packaging illustrations.

You will have Wall Street Journal (WSJ) Style hedcuts portraits.
Digital Stippling!

Easy original gift!
  1. Order the gig, send me a quality photo
  2. I will deliver a art piece 
  3. Print with your printer, 
  4. Put in a frame.

Basic size is near 600x800 pixel. Suitable for web and profile pictures. 
If you want print size you should order "Standard" or "Premium"
You can print any size with VECTOR files (PDF and AI) without losing quality and sharpness.

Send me a high quality & portrait type of picture

Each face in the photo needs extra order according to your pack, if three face in the photo, you should order total 3 times of your pack. 
Full or half body photos require extra $10.



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