Build your marketing automations in activecampaign - marketing automation

About This Gig

Are you running a business and you want to automate your email series in Active Campaign but you just haven’t gotten around to doing it or you’re just confused about where to start? 

Let me help you. I have extensive knowledge in Active Campaign. I even helped other business owners to level up their landing page to build an engaging driven and converting email sequence and marketing automation through Activecampaign.

I'll set up an automated process that begins with the trigger you specify, i.e. form submission, activity in another platform or tagging of contact, and begin a sequence of emails.

Basic Package - construction of automation with up to 5 emails for which you provide the copy/content.

Included: A video recorded explanation of the automation so that you may learn how to build your own in the future.

Tasks Not Included:

  • Copywriting

Services I offered:
   - Construction, Integration, troubleshooting, and high-level of service in Active campaign.

This gig is basically my catch-all gig for everything Active Campaign.  

Custom order?? Send me a message explaining your needs and I will respond quickly with a quote.


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